Concierge Medicine

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Did you know that there’s an alternative to the impersonal and hurried healthcare delivery system of today? Concierge Medicine is a system of medicine that is based around getting you the personalized and attentive care that you deserve. Under the care of a concierge physician, you no longer feel like your personal care is out of your control. Additionally, your concierge physician provides you with a number of benefits that will greatly improve your healthcare experience!

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It’s unfortunate, but the hospitalization process can sometimes add stress to an already trying time for you and your loved ones. From admission to discharge, there’s so much coordination that is needed between your specialists and the hospital staff that often, the burden of coordinating falls on your loved ones – those who would rather be by your side throughout your stay.

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concierge medicine

Often, visiting your doctor can seem like a chore. You may have to remind them of the medications you are on or the symptoms that led them to prescribe to you those medications in the first place. It’s sometimes stressful asking for or scheduling a specialty exam or procedure; and finding that your insurance may not cover a particular exam or procedure at a particular location. The entire experience can leave you feeling drained. And that’s just after one doctor visit. What if you have multiple doctors that you see in a month?  You may feel overwhelmed, and you’re not alone. Most patients are frustrated with the impersonal and hurried service marked by the healthcare system today. If you feel this way, read on! A concierge doctor may be exactly who you need. Read more