How Concierge Medicine Works with Your Hospitalization

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It’s unfortunate, but the hospitalization process can sometimes add stress to an already trying time for you and your loved ones. From admission to discharge, there’s so much coordination that is needed between your specialists and the hospital staff that often, the burden of coordinating falls on your loved ones – those who would rather be by your side throughout your stay.


What if I told you that there’s a solution that will remove the burden of coordination that often falls on you and your loved ones? Would you sign up? In a heartbeat!


The solution to alleviating added hospital stress, and ultimately allowing for quicker care is having a concierge doctor. Your concierge doctor acts as the quarterback for the hospital staff team, making sure you receive the extraordinary care that you require.


Let’s run through the different steps that your concierge doctor will be a part of throughout your hospitalization, shall we?


Hospital Admission

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When you arrive at the Hospital, the ER contacts your concierge doctor. Your concierge doctor will meet you at the hospital and, along with the staff and once admitted, your concierge doctor will oversee your care.


If you are to be admitted, your concierge doctor will confer with the resident specialists and provide them with your medical history.


Coordination of Specialists

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A concierge doctor is there to help keep you and your loved ones focused on your recovery throughout your hospitalization. They will be involved every step of the way to help you to receive nothing short of the extraordinary care that you require.


During your hospitalization, you may have multiple specialists that need involved. Instead of the burden of coordinating with all of them to fall on you or your loved ones, a concierge doctor will act as your head coordinator. With Concierge Medicine, a concierge doctor will oversee and coordinate your care with specialists from admission to discharge.


Hospital Discharge

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When your concierge doctor determines that you are ready for discharge, they will be present at the hospital that day and will receive all of the info on your recovery, including any medications and rehabilitation that may be prescribed.


After discharge, your concierge doctor will schedule with you a post-discharge visit at the office.


Personalized Care at Jupiter Medical Center

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Your concierge doctor is there to ensure that you receive the same personalized, compassionate and extraordinary care that you receive as a member of Concierge Medicine of Jupiter.


As a member of Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, the hospital at which you will receive coordinated care is Jupiter Medical Center. If you have any questions regarding Concierge Medicine and your hospitalization, please give us a call!


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