What are the Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

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Did you know that there’s an alternative to the impersonal and hurried healthcare delivery system of today? Concierge Medicine is a system of medicine that is based around getting you the personalized and attentive care that you deserve. Under the care of a concierge physician, you no longer feel like your personal care is out of your control. Additionally, your concierge physician provides you with a number of benefits that will greatly improve your healthcare experience!


As a member of Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, you will enjoy the following package of benefits, including unprecedented physician access and superb care on your schedule:


24/7 phone, secure text, and televideo access

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Have you had a question for your physician after office hours or perhaps on the weekend? And the fact that you have to restlessly wait for a response on the next business day has you losing sleep? What if you need immediate attention and your doctor is the one who knows you and your condition best?


With Concierge Medicine, you will never find yourself in a restless position like that again. At Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, you will receive 24/7 phone, text, or video chat access to your doctor. Meaning, you can receive an immediate response to your need from the doctor that you know and trust.


Same Day/Next Day appointments

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Often, with traditional healthcare, we have to make an appointment with our physician a week in advance. But some things just can’t wait. And when it comes to your health, sometimes you can’t put it off for a week.


If you find you often require immediate attention and must see your doctor on a moment’s notice, Concierge Medicine is for you! At Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, we offer same day/next day appointments, meaning if we can’t fit you in on the same day of your call, we’ll definitely be able to see you on the next business day.


Private, Uncrowded Office

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When it comes to your doctor’s visit, every facet of your visit affects your overall experience and satisfaction. You may really connect with your doctor but you may find that the office waiting room is too crowded with other patients. And you may feel hurried in the delivery of your care.


At Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, we take on a limited number of patients on any given day. This allows for a more private and personalized experience, beginning with the uncrowded waiting room, to the unlimited amount of time your concierge doctor will spend with you, providing compassionate care.


Minimal or No Wait Times

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A by-product of a crowded doctor’s office can be unbearably long wait times. With a concierge medicine system, an office takes on a limited number of patients a day. This gives way to greatly reduced wait times for patients.


At Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, you will receive a very personalized and private experience beginning with minimal or no wait times on your appointment day.


Additional Benefits Include:

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Personalized healthcare and wellness program

Yearly executive-level physical exams

Nutrition, weight management, and body composition analysis yearly (a $300 value)

Comprehensive Weight Management program

After-hours access to Drs. Drourr & Shtern’s personal phone line

Coordination of care with specialists, both in and out of state including: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and other leading institutions

Assistance with medical needs while traveling, including web visits


Annual gynecologic exam

In-office phlebotomy services

Expedited test results

State-of-the-art facility with inviting and warm atmosphere

Appointments for out-of-town adult family members and guests as needed

In-office lecture series


Personalized, Compassionate and Extraordinary Care

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Because each of our member’s needs are unique, the services they require will vary. However the quality of service that each member receives does not. Our personalized care is customized to each individual member. Never will our patients feel hurried during their visit at Concierge Medicine of Jupiter. It’s important to us that we spend as much time with each patient as needed in order for them to receive an extraordinary level of care. At Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, we live by our mission of providing personalized, compassionate and extraordinary care.



Personalized, Compassionate and Extraordinary Care


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