Everything You Need To Know About Executive-level Physical Exams

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What is an Executive-Level Physical Exam?

Executive-level physical exams provide a thorough “picture” of your state-of health including:

-A comprehensive, head-to-toe physical
-Arrangements for extensive blood work
-An Electrocardiogram (ECG)
-An overview following national guidelines for cancer, osteoporosis and other chronic conditions


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Assessing Heart Conditions

An electrocardiogram is a non-invasive way to check for different heart conditions. By placing electrodes on the patient’s chest, your physician can chart your heart’s signals on a wave chart. The goal of the ECG portion of your executive-level exam is to identify any irregularities or heart conditions that need addressed.


An Executive-Level Physical Exam by a Concierge Physician Vs. Standard Physician Concierge Physician

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A concierge physician restricts the number of patients seen in a day, allowing considerably more time and energy to understand the important details of your tests and review the data with you. Results are best understood in relation to your unique circumstance—your family history, your current lifestyle, and your health goals for the future.  In short, a concierge physician treats you as a unique individual.


Concierge Medicine and Exam Results
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Within a week of your executive-level physical exam, your concierge physician will provide with in-person, comprehensive review of your exam results. The goal of the executive-level physical exam is to provide each of our patients with the knowledge and direction they need in helping them to live their best life.


Know Your Body
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Undergoing an executive-level physical exam annually provides both peace of mind and the potential uncovering of conditions that need attention. This thorough exam also creates benchmarks for good, such as suggested lifestyle or dietary changes.  The certainty is that after your executive-level exam with a concierge physician, you will be armed with the knowledge and direction you need to take the necessary steps in living your best life.


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