Concierge medicine pros and cons

Many people have expressed frustration at the impersonal and often complicated nature of the medical system. One solution to these complaints is concierge medicine.

Does it really solve the common problems reported by patients? Let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of this model.

The pros of concierge medicine

The most important benefit of retaining the services of a concierge doctor is the increased access you have to medical services. There are no long waiting times and you have day and night access to your personal physician. We understand that there are times when you don’t always need to visit your doctor’s office; you just want to be able to call or email and get a timely response to your questions, which can be frustratingly difficult to do with conventional medical practices. With concierge medicine, you can get streamlined and efficient virtual communications, to put your mind at rest about test results, prescriptions or treatment advice. Concierge medical practices also keep matters in-house wherever possible, rather than referring you to expensive specialists who are often at a considerable distance from you, and are strangers to you and your medical history. On the whole, you get a medical experience that is more compassionate and personalized as well as convenient.

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The cons of concierge medicine

“What’s the catch?” you may ask. Concierge medicine involves a membership fee, which is an out-of-pocket cost that your medical insurance will not pay. However, if you make the most of your membership, and really use it to get the focused, personalized care you deserve, you will find the membership fee a worthwhile investment.  Many studies have confirmed that concierge medicine can actually save costs by preventing hospitalizations and unnecessary tests.

On the whole, concierge medicine provides you with a premium, personalized service that most medical facilities simply cannot offer in the current healthcare system. Contact us if you are seeking quality concierge medicine in Jupiter, Florida.


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